KCMS Collaboration

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KCMS Center

KCMS Center at HYU

  • KCMS spokesperson:
    prof. Taejeong Kim (HYU)
  • KCMS Secretariat:
    Ms. Hanna Park
    kcms.secretariat / gmail.com
  • Address:

KCMS Offices at CERN

  • Bat.40 R-A32 x71971 (Postdocs & Faculties, 3 people)
  • Bat.22 1-018 / x78128 (KNU, 2 people)
  • Bat.588 R-002, R-004 / x78602 (UOS, KHU ~5 people)
  • Bat.588 R-007 (SNU, ~6 people)
  • Bat.588 R-012 / x73278 (CNU, Korea U, ~2 people)

Online channels

Active KCMS Member Institutions

10 Institutions, 17 Faculty Members,
~20 postdocs, 6 Technicians and ~70 Graduate students

Korea University

Kyungpook National University

Sungkyunkwan University

Chonnam National University

University of Seoul

Faculties: B. Hong, S. Choi, J. Yoo

Faculties: D. Kim, G.N. Kim, S.W. Lee, C. Moon

Faculties: I. Yu

Faculties: D. Moon

Faculties: I. Park, J. Lee

Seoul National University

Sejong University

Hanyang University

Kyung Hee University

Yonsei University

Faculties: U. Yang

Faculties: H. Kim, Y. Kim

Faculties: T. Kim

Faculties: J. Goh

Faculties: H. Yoo

Research Interests & Subgroups


Precision measurements,
Search for rare production and decay


Drell-Yan measurements,
Physics Object Identification


Dark Matter
Heavy Neutrino
Long-lived particles

Heavy Ion

Quark-Gluon Plasma
Elliptic flows
Quarkonia in Nuclear collisions
Vector bosons in Nulear collisions


ML for data analysis
Accelerated ML for trigger


GEM GE2/1 ME0 production & test
GEM detector performance
iRPC production & test
RPC detector performance

News / Events

Major events