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How to run HLT with DoubleMuOpen? in CMSSW_2_1_11


How to run HLT with DoubleMuOpen in CMSSW_2_1_11

DoubleMuOpen is recently created L1 bit, thus we need special recipes. See here as a reference.

To use DoubleMuOpen?, you need L1TriggerConfig?/L1GtConfigProducers V02-06-05.

cvs co -r V02-06-05 L1TriggerConfig/L1GtConfigProducers 
scramv1 b

You prepare an interesting gen-sim sample(signal or background) and make it a raw file using release-validation digi_digi2raw configuration file.

cvs co -r CMSSW_2_1_11 HLTrigger/Configuration/
Open HLTrigger/Configuration/test/RelVal_Digi_Digi2Raw_cfg.py and remove
and add
# L1 GT EventSetup
Now you input L1Menu_startup2_v2(new L1 menu including DoubleMuOpen?) instead of L1Menu2008?_2E30. If you add followings, it will show you L1 trigger reports.
process.hltL1gtTrigReport = cms.EDAnalyzer( "L1GtTrigReport",
    UseL1GlobalTriggerRecord = cms.bool( False ),
    L1GtRecordInputTag = cms.InputTag( "hltGtDigis" )

Afterwards, you need HLT configuration in other to run HLT. For HI_HLT_Table, see Christof's log. If you want to make HLT configuration with your own taste(number of path, kind of path, etc), you can use edmConfigFromDB. For example,

edmConfigFromDB --configName /dev/CMSSW_2_1_X/HLT --format Python --paths HLT_DoubleMu3_JPsi > JPsiConfig.py

And change l1GtTriggerMenuXml in JPsiConfig?.py or HI_HLT_Table.py as follows.

#process.l1GtTriggerMenuXml = cms.ESProducer( "L1GtTriggerMenuXmlProducer",
#  TriggerMenuLuminosity = cms.string( "lumi1030" ),
#  DefXmlFile = cms.string( "L1Menu2008_2E30.xml" ),
#  VmeXmlFile = cms.string( "" )

process.l1GtTriggerMenuXml = cms.ESProducer( "L1GtTriggerMenuXmlProducer",
  TriggerMenuLuminosity = cms.string( "startup" ),
  DefXmlFile = cms.string( "L1Menu_startup2_v2.xml" ),
  VmeXmlFile = cms.string( "" )

-- JiHyunKim - 05 Nov 2008

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