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S. Park K. S. Sim B. Hong
Research professor
K. S. Lee
Engineer in KODEL
Y. G. Jeng K. J. Son M. H. Kang
Graduate student
H. C. Kim S. W. Cho H. S. Lee H. B. Rhee

Main Agendas

  • Modification and optimization of RE1/1 chamber design
  • Assembly 6 RE1/1 chambers
  • Making lists for 80 RE1/1 chambers (for mass production)
  • RE1/1 Chamber:


Detector Web Utilities

resume writing

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="component_list.xlsx" attr="" comment="" date="1253880136" name="component_list.xlsx" path="component list.xlsx" size="93139" stream="component list.xlsx" user="Main.HanbumRhee" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="RE11_preparation.pdf" attr="" comment="PreparationList" date="1253880712" name="RE11_preparation.pdf" path="RE11_preparation.pdf" size="3526697" stream="RE11_preparation.pdf" user="Main.HanbumRhee" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="RE11_Assembly.pdf" attr="" comment="AssemblyList" date="1253880859" name="RE11_Assembly.pdf" path="RE11_Assembly.pdf" size="2487409" stream="RE11_Assembly.pdf" user="Main.HanbumRhee" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="DSC07961.JPG" attr="" comment="" date="1253882286" name="DSC07961.JPG" path="DSC07961.JPG" size="1257843" stream="DSC07961.JPG" user="Main.HanbumRhee" version="1"
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