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 This is the main page of the KCMS computing project.

Common material

  • Registration Form for computing
  • Resource information
  • Monitoring
KCMS Computing workgroup activities:
  • KCMS computing resource management, general planning
  • Share know-hows for computing Tier site operation
  • Support full analysis workflow for KCMS users, provide general user guides
  • Feedback to tier site administartors

CMS Official Tier Centers

  KNU Tier2 UOS Tier3 KISTI Tier3
Homepage and How-to documents http://t2-cms.knu.ac.kr/
Tier2 @ KNU
Tier3 @ UOS Tier3 @ KISTI
Registration procedure Fill the registration form Link? and sent it to EMAIL Send email to EMAIL or personally contact site manager Fill the registration form Link? and send it to EMAIL

Institutional analysis farms

  • SNU
  • KNU ccp
From the experiences in LHC-CMS Run I, a powerful computing resource is proven to be the key for the successful physics analysis. During the LS1 period, a task force for the KCMS computing is organised to support efficient computing for the data analysis. In the KCMS, there are 1 official Tier2 site (KNU) and 2 official Tier3 sites (UOS and KISTI). There can be institutional local resources linked with these tier sites.

KCMS computing meeting is held biweekly (adjustable depending on schedules), chaired by Prof. Intae Yu.
Computing managers are welcomed to present their status and give ideas to improve KCMS computing environment. Users in KCMS are also welcomed to share experiences in the analysis.
Discussion items can be found in KCMS computing Task Force meeting.

General guide to use KCMS computing resources

You have to be registered as a KCMS member.
To use CMS grid resources, you must register as a CMS member and create your grid certificate. Full registration procedure and getting grid certificate can be easily done when you visit CERN, but basically you can follow the procedures remotely in Korea. (It is best to visit CERN for your registration. Remote registration is slow and problematic in many cases.)

We recommend you to register to the official tier sites in Korea. There are three official tier sites, you can choose one depending on your location and group policy. Also it is free to register to all sites. Having account in tier site allows you to use local analysis farms, do easy-access of data files, store your large crab output files and share with your collaborators. You can also pull the dataset you are interested in to the site by PhEDEx? request (needs approval by site admin).

Send registration form to site administrators with your information. Some site admins may ask you to be verified by your group leader.
Check the followings for more information.

Name Homepage General policy UI machine
KNU T2 http://t2-cms.knu.ac.kr/
Tier2 @ KNU
Fill the registration forms(registration form1 registration form2) and send to site administrator. Follow the procedures in the manual page. kcms-t2.knu.ac.kr or kcms-t3.knu.ac.kr
UOS T3 Tier3 @ UOS Sent email to admin with general info gate.sscc.uos.ac.kr or gate2.sscc.uos.ac.kr
KISTI T3 http://linux.kisti.re.kr/cmst3/cmst3.html
Tier3 @ KISTI
Fill the registration form and sent it to admin. Read the user guide CMS-T3-GUIDE.pdf ui10.sdfarm.kr:4280
SNU Analysis farm   Local analysis farm  
KNU ccp analysis farm   Local analysis farm ccp.knu.ac.kr

User experiences and know-hows are summarised in this page InofficialGuideKCMSComputing? (in Korean).

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